Chapter 1: First Steps, Uncertain Laughter

Kindergarten graduation. A stage meant for celebration, yet little did I know, it would be the crucible where my artistic fire would be forged. A song, a dance, and a chorus of laughter. Was it applause or ridicule? The uncertainty gnawed, but amidst the confusion, my mother’s unwavering belief became an anchor. “I love you, and you are so talented.” Her words, a beacon in the storm.

My father, a man of logic, responded differently. No praise, no encouragement, just a new path – football. The heat, the pads, the forced camaraderie – all a stark contrast to the vibrant world I built within my imagination. Then came the concussion, a brutal interruption, a jarring reminder of what I didn’t want.

Chapter 2: The Library, My Sanctuary

The library became my refuge. Walls lined with stories, shelves overflowing with costumes, a treasure trove for a restless mind. Each toy, each character, a brushstroke in the portrait of my passion. The silence of the library echoed the whispers of my dreams: creating, performing, living a life painted not on canvas, but on the stage of my imagination.

Charlie and Lenny, my furry companions, were my first audience. In their silent gaze, I found validation, a silent chorus of encouragement. It was in these moments, draped in the comfort of my room, that I knew the universe had whispered a different plan for me.

Chapter 3: From Bleachers to Bright Lights

That kindergarten laughter, the sting of the concussion, the quiet affirmation in the library – they all coalesced into a conversation with my family. A conversation that led me to an art school, a haven for the budding artist within. Theater, once a playground for childhood fantasies, became a crucible of growth, a stage for honing my craft, a mirror reflecting the confidence blossoming within.

Chapter 4: Simply Living, Lighting the Path

Football was a detour, a chapter I closed with a concussion, but its echo lingers. It taught me not to fear the unknown, to trust the path laid before me. Simply living, embracing the laughter, the tears, the silences – these are the brushstrokes of my story.

Today, as a drama student at a prestigious university, I stand on a stage far grander than the kindergarten auditorium. The laughter still echoes, but now it’s intertwined with applause, the sweet symphony of appreciation. My journey, a testament to the power of resilience, the unwavering belief in one’s dreams, and the magic that unfolds when we simply embrace the life unfolding before us.

This is not just a biography, it’s a declaration. A declaration of a journey that began with a hesitant step, stumbled through a concussion, and found its rhythm in the quiet moments of a library. It’s a story that continues to unfold, each performance a brushstroke, each experience a chapter, and each laugh, tear, and moment of silence a testament to the power of simply living. Simply living alongside work ethic has led to the Posse Art Full Tuition Scholarship, Roles in Television, Film, Web series and theater shows. In addition to performing & screenwriting, Off The Rip Entertainment LLC formed to provide a platform for Artist to display talent. 



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