It all began with a dance and a song during my kindergarten graduation ceremony. I could not discern if the graduation crowd that was laughing were laughing at me. Everyone applauding while I was dying from the inside out put me in an awkward headspace. I recall at that moment my mom’s sweet words with a reassuring smile: “I love you, and you are so talented.”

My father’s reaction was different. He said nothing about the performance, but the next day he decided—I needed sports in my life.

I went to football practices in the heat with a lot of heavy equipment, whether I wanted to or not, alongside my neighborhood friends. As fate would have it, I suffered a concussion while playing in a mid-season Saturday game in fourth grade.

This event would lead me to a completely different life path. I went to the library, collected many toys and costumes than one could imagine. The more I went to the library and collected toys-the more I began to realize something important-: I never wanted to get another concussion. I did not like being hit on the football field, but I loved making costumes, doing voice overs, and re-creating scenes from my favorite five movies.

It is in those moments that I had the greatest peace and fulfillment. Those times in my room creating dramatic characters/scenes with my pets Charlie and Lenny by my side as my fateful audience. In those moments, I was coming to the realization that the universe had something different in mind. I know now:

Oftentimes ones’ purpose emerges when all else fails and in quiet moments. In quiet moments, I am learning the power of drama, the pen, and song. I have come to appreciate that laughter, moments of tearing up, and silence are normal reactions to performances. My  football experience, continue to lead me to not worry about those things which are not in my control…but to follow the path that is paved forward by simply living” 

Simply living is the universe’s way of showing me my purpose. Those few experiences in and around elementary school and my first graduation led to a conversation with my family. The conversation resulted in me discovering an art school that would be my educational home throughout middle school and high school.

As a drama student at a prestigious university, theater continues to give me so much confidence in my personal and professional endeavors.


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